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Week 7

I think I'm going to repeat Week 7, as it's been hit or miss for me. I want to be solid before I move on to more time. Still in good spirits though!

C25K Week Five Day Three!

Done! :D I ran at a steady 5mph for 18 minutes and then bumped it up to 6 for the last two minutes. 1.8 miles running, 2.25 miles total. I am so very proud of myself. :D

C25K Week Three, Done!

Didn't feel good. Ran anyway (I'm sensing a pattern here). Since the weather is icky, I ran on a treadmill. I run a little different on the treadmill, form wise and I tend to overpronate when I do. Have to work on this. I have an overall pace of 4.6 MPH for week 3 and did 6mph for my runs. BRING ON WEEK 4! :D

New stop for my eventual trip to Japan. Okinawa Aquarium (second largest in the world)


Terminator Salvation was okay until the end. The ending was the worst one I've ever seen. Yes, that includes B movies. It was relatively hilarious...and it wasn't supposed to be.

It's okay though, because I'm taking Tim to go see this in a week:


So I woke up to some gift cards from Mom today. :) She leaves for the UP tonight but she's leaving straight from work. At Bath & Body Works $40 (and $.13 of my own cash) got me:

Body Sprays (Reg Size):
Sensual Amber
Moonlight Path
Vanilla Noir
Sunkissed Leaves (My fav - I am wearing it right now)

I also got 1 reg size vanilla noir body cream and 1 warm vanilla sugar hand gel thingie.


Stop! Studytime.